Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Video - Down Syndrome in the 21st century

When I look at AngelicA now and I think back to the time she was born, I feel that the doctors at the hospital held out absolutely no hope for us. I can still remember the conversation with the pediatrician. He told us that our baby would never be independant, that she would have to go to a special school and went on and on about what she wouldn't do. I remember staring at the little cuddly toy wound around his stethoscope and thinking - does he have anything nice to say? He was pessimistic about what the future would be. At best he was too, too pragmatic basing all his pragmatism on his text book knowledge of what Down Syndrome is. I'm not really angry or anything but I really wish doctors knew the facts...that today a child born with Down Syndrome can have a full life, just like everyone else. And this clip proves it...

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